Sunday, February 11, 2007

Delphi Tips Search Engine

Have you ever search Google for a specific Delphi tips and returned hundreds (even thousand) of garbage links? OK, here's the remedy... just use the search box next to the articles (it on the upper right, if you still don't get it). The search is limited to most (as many have died.. *sob*) of the sources for TE2007, but with added tens of other websites (thank god!).

OK, enough with the long talk, just try it!

Tips Explorer 2007

Tips Explorer 2007 is an application that is loaded with more than 3000 tips of Delphi programing! These tips are taken from tens of Delphi programming websites, written by the masters themselves!

TE2007 is divided into categories, making it easier to browse. Not to mention, the Win Explorer interface will surely making it easy to use. There's a simple, yet sufficient, search feature that will give you the tips that you are looking for in a snap! There are also saving & printing features. You can save the tips in text file (txt), html file (html) or rich text file (rtf). The save & print features can be executed in batch on in single process.

Very recommended for Delphi programmers!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Copy To Say It!

Have you ever been in a situation that requires you to write the "saying" of numbers? i.e. write 1500 as "one thousand five hundred". You have to write this "saying" over and over again? Well, if you work in the financial-related department, I'm sure you have.

That is why I created this handy little tool, Copy To Say It!, to help my friends in the finance and accounting departments.

Copy To Say It! is a a very handy little tool that helps you to write the number's "saying" as aesy as copy and paste. You just copy the number, then paste it as the "saying". Easy, eh? This means it can be used in virtually every applications that support copy & paste on the MS Windows.

Copy To Say It! supports two languages, Indonesia and English. It also can be customized to use currency in the result. You can add or edit the currency datas. You can disable it when you don't want to generate the number's saying every time you copy a number.

Intrigue? Want to try it?
Here's the download link

Monday, January 22, 2007

SE Contest

There's a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) contest! and it is a world-wide contest, too! The contest is to cretae a website that will be put on top of google, yahoo and msn search list when you're trying to run a search throuh their keyword. The keyword is "globalwarming awareness2007".

here is one of the contestant's site (me :) )

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

How Nerd Are You

This is just for fun. If you want to know your nerd-level, check this site out

I am nerdier than 51% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!


HI! Welcome to my new home. This is my second home in this connected world. The first one is my (also) Delphi & friends blog, but in Indonesian language.

I decided to create an english blog so that more people can enjoy and my writings and can share my knowledge more people.

Great! Now that I've introduced myself, I can get on with the writing! :)